Listen here to BBC Witness History about how Ful battled for years to get the gender-neutral personal pronoun ‘hen’ included in Swedish dictionaries. In 2008, Ful started to use “hen” (they/them) as a linguistic norm in their art magazine. The word was added in Swedish dictionaries in 2015.

Ful is a queer feminist art collective based in Sweden that through an intersectional understanding of the art event and/or situation, produces performances, exhibitions, publications, podcasts and curates talks and meetings. Ful (founded 2008) consists of artists that are working with analysis, theory and knowledge formation through art based on queer feminist ideas, decolonial practices and postcolonial aesthetics. Ful has worked both in Sweden and internationally, among other things by their award-winning art magazine Ful and notable, internationally touring and award-winning performances such as Europa Europa↗ and Mothers’ Manifest↗

Ful exists in the collaboration between the members Nasim Aghili, Malin Holgersson, Hanne Lindberg, Rani Nair and all artists, curators, activists, producers and thinkers who contribute to and participate in our works.

Ful är en queerfeministisk konstgrupp, som genom en intersektionell förståelse av konsthändelsen gör performances, scenkonst, utställningar, publikationer och curerar samtal och möten. Ful grundades 2008 och består av konstnärer och aktivister som arbetar med analys, teori och kunskapsbildning via konst med queerfeministiska idéer och tankar, dekoloniala praktiker och postkolonial estetik som grund. Ful har jobbat i Sverige och internationellt bl a genom konsttidskriften Ful och uppmärksammade och prisbelönade föreställningar som Europa Europa↗ och Mödrars Manifest↗.

Ful existerar i samarbetet mellan medlemmarna Nasim Aghili, Malin Holgersson, Hanne Lindberg, Rani Nair och alla konstnärer, curators, aktivister, producenter och tänkare som bidrar till och medverkar i våra verk.

Nasim Aghili
Artist, Director and Playwright

Hanne Lindberg
Graphic Designer

Malin Holgersson
Sound artist, Dramaturge, Playwright and Podcaster

Rani Nair
Choreographer and Dancer